tennessee chapter 9 of ihc

president's message


Greetings everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I again want to thank Josh and Melissa Roach for hosting our first quarter meeting, I think it was well attended, and we also made some progress on our restoration piece. Those of you who missed the meeting, we have disassembled the majority of the planter, and have been analyzing and figuring out what other pieces and parts we may need. I was happy to see the majority of the club members pitching in and getting their hands dirty, I believe it has been a while since our chapter has had any other "working" meetings. Maybe in the future we will be able to work on other projects along with our museum pieces. Having a hands on meeting can give everyone something to look forward to instead of having a meal and a meeting and social time. In my own opinion, I feel that it helps everyone to pass the time and possibly have a learning experience.

At this time, our plow day will not be cancelled due to the widely known Coronavirus. I feel that we can still have the event and not have to worry about contracting the sickness. Those of you who are concerned about the chances of exposure, feel free to stay home if that gives you better peace of mind. There is no obligation that you attend if you and your loved ones feel at risk. In relevance to this sickness, I encourage everyone in your day to day activities to use common sense and take the proper precautions to keep well sanitized and immune to this sickness. I also encourage you to keep those affected in your prayers. It may be a small gesture but it can go a long way.

Regarding our plow day, if we have full cooperation from Mother Nature, everything should be going as planned. As we get closer I'm constantly checking our weather forecast for any changes that may come up. If we postpone this event to April 11, I will do my best to get in touch with everyone ahead of time so you folks won't have to make an unnecessary trip. Those of you that I don't have your contact information, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about it getting postponed and I'll do my best to help you. Anyone who is interested in bringing your equipment on Friday is more than welcome to. Crossville has good lodging facilities available.

During our meeting, a discussion was brought up about our state chapter possibly hosting a winter convention.So far, I think we have had good response from our members. This will be a large undertaking but with everyone's help I think it is something we can handle. A lot of our past directors who were involved with Red Power Round Up that was held in Lebanon in 1996 and 2005 feel that if we hosted the winter convention it would be a good addition to the events we have participated in and hosted as a chapter. I feel as though with a little effort, it will be something for us to check off as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Depending on how the planning and arrangements are made, there is always a chance of us doing this again in the future. But we should see how it goes the first time around. The directors and myself are open to any comments or feedback you may have in reference to this event.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our plow day. I hope it will be another well attended event for our chapter.

Best regards,

Leigh L. Smith

Chapter 9 President